Mariner Sands is one of the few residential country clubs in Florida to feature an ecumenical community church on campus. With dynamic Protestant and Catholic congregations, the Chapel’s mission is to welcome everyone, serve others and build community. It is a vital part of community and spiritual life at Mariner Sands.

The Chapel offers Catholic and Protestant worship services, combined holiday services, a community library, art classes, and a multitude of educational events and concerts. It also offers its facilities and services to members and non-members for weddings, renewals of vows and baptisms.

Within Mariner Sands, the Chapel is a center for personal growth and service to others. Members have many roles at the church, and they volunteer at area charities providing educational services, health services, clothing, meals and counseling. Pastoral care and visitation services are provided to the community, and a Memorial Garden is available for inurnment to all Mariner Sands residents and their families.

The Mariner Sands Chapel Office is open from 9:00am -12:00pm Monday through Friday, October-May. For inquiries, please email:


Multi-denominational Worship Service is held 9am Sundays, September – June.

Catholic Mass is celebrated 5pm Saturdays, November – April.

Ecumenical Christmas Eve Service at 4:00 pm.


Chapel News


The Chapel is a memorable and picturesque setting for weddings. Set in a park at the edge of a beautiful lake and framed with natural wood arches that soar skyward, the sanctuary accommodates up to 200 guests. The Chapel is available to members and non-members for weddings, and receptions may be held at the elegant Mariner Sands clubhouse dining room. For information about wedding services, please contact wedding coordinators Tanya Condello or Judith Carlson


The Mariner Sands Chapel, in response to numerous requests years ago, established a Memorial Garden available to all Mariner Sands families for the internment of ashes following cremation. The Garden has been consecrated by both Catholic and Protestant clergy, but one’s religious background is not a prerequisite for burial in the Memorial Garden.

For more information, please contact Sandy Hadix, Chair (home) 772-220-4109 (cell) 485-4888

Pastor Dr. Gary Carr Welcome to Mariner Sands Chapel



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