The purpose of the Benevolence committee is to give financial aid to those smaller charities in close proximity to the Chapel that are well-managed and have proven effective in their Christian mission and have demonstrated a need for our support.

Our goal is to reach out and support these charities that are helping those in need of food, shelter, clothing, education, rehabilitation and health care. 

We have provided funds for the following charities:

Caring Children/Clothing Children(4Cs) – clothing and literacy help for children of low-income families.
Christian Community Care Center – East Stuart dental clinic providing free care.
Dunbar – provides quality child care to at-risk children.
Dunklin Centre – substance-abuse rehabilitation and job-skills programs.
El Sol – connects workers with employers needing day labor and provides educational classes and a food pantry.
Gertrude Walden – preschool ministry for children from low-income families.
Indian River State College – Martin County area high school graduates’ scholarships to start college.
LAHIA – a new program to assist and feed the homeless of Stuart and Martin County.
Mary’s Shelter- ¬†provides a home and educational training for pregnant mothers.
M.I.S.S– provides housing and support services for single, homeless women with children.
Refuge Ranch Рexists as a residential Christian drug and alcohol regeneration ministry for adult women.
Safe Space – secure temporary help for those being abused domestically.
Samaritan Center – residential program for troubled boys and counseling for their parents.

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