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The Chapel season is off to a running start! Service 9/20 at 9:30am! Click here to print

Sunday Service

Summer Update – Service this Sunday 9/13 at 9:30am! Click here to print

Sunday Service

Summer Update – Service this Sunday 8/30 at 9:30am! Click here to print

Summer Update – Service this Sunday 8/16 at 9:30am! Click here to print

Chapel Face Mask Team created over 100 handmade face masks for the protection of our friends and neighbors.

Thanks to our Shawl Ministry team, many beautiful masks were sewn and distributed at the chapel.


A Message from our Chapel President
A strange sense of quiet…

Chapel passersby may sense a strange quiet in the building and its surroundings. The sun shines down on an almost unoccupied building, the trees and flowers bending in the breeze and a silence broken only by the words in prayers posted on the windows. The quiet seems not to be interrupted by Sunday services, visitors to the Library, painters on the 2nd floor or shawl ministry knitting. Birds, rabbits and squirrels roam the lawns at will. It may seem eerie in the middle of “the season” in Mariner Sands…….until one peers beneath the surface………….

Actually, the corona virus has repositioned normal activity at the Chapel in ways none of us could have anticipated. While the office, the library and the building itself are officially closed, a renewed sense of commitment and energy manifests itself in the spiritual work of the chapel minister and volunteers. Witness the following as a reaction to the effects of the pandemic;

  • The Shawl ministry has produced and distributed more than 100 masks to the community. The fabric was provided by the KinDoo Center and more are being made!
  • The Covid Reliefs Grant Committee (MS Foundation, Charity Week, Chapel Ecumenical Benevolence Committee) raised and distributed over $72,000 to help Caring Children Clothing Children, House of Hope, Safe Space and Refuge Ranch. More than 150 MS families joined with donations.
  • More than 100 bags of groceries have been collected at the chapel from the community and brought to House of Hope and Dunbar.
  • A prayer wall of corona concerns was kept on the chapel front window throughout Lent.
  • Dr. Carr continued “Bless Express” for six weeks, two hours a day, 4 days per week, sitting in a chair in the front grass of the chapel and chatting/counseling/praying with anyone who came along. He also instituted (and continues) “10 minutes at 10,” a Wednesday morning devotional every week and available over the Mariner Sands Chapel website. (www.marinersandschapel.org.)
  • The chapel applied and was approved for a $35,000 loan/grant from the US government PPP program./li>
  • Womens’ and Mens’ Bible/fellowship programs are meeting through Zoom and are flourishing.
  • The chapel board and Dr. Carr began televising “virtual” Sunday services for the first time. These services are also available on the chapel website. An outdoor service for congregants in carts and cars was held March 29, and will resume (weather permitting) this Sunday, May 17. Social distancing will be practiced and masks required of those who wish to leave their carts. The service will be taped and made available live on 1100 AM Radio
  • A chapel team is working diligently on a significant upgrade of the website, which should be available in October.
  • The congregation has welcomed our new “Faith and Promise” initiative with enthusiasm. 65 families have “promised through faith” to provide $225,000 to support chapel ministries this year. This is a great start, as it represents 65% of projected requirements, and the board wishes to thank all of you who have participated.

The seeming solitude of our building is deceptive. The many new efforts to assist the less fortunate, initiatives to build community and spiritual outreach in these difficult times are indicative of a congregation moving aggressively forward. The reality is that it is an exciting period of activity and growth for the chapel community, and our adoption of new technology as part of the effort bodes well for the future success of our ministries.

With wishes for a healthful and blessed summer season….

President, D’Arcy LeClair

Phone #772-288-5194

Our Pastor Gary Carr can be reached by:

or email-

Mailing Address:
6500 Congressional Way
Stuart, FL 34997

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