Chapel Face Mask Team created over 100 handmade face masks for the protection of our friends and neighbors.

Thanks to our Shawl Ministry team, many beautiful masks were sewn and distributed at the chapel.


Mariner Sands Charity Week, The Mariner Sands Ecumenical Benevolence Committee (EBC), and the Mariner Sands Foundation Fund thanks its friends and neighbors who generously supported them.

Over $72,000 was raised to alleviate hunger and hardship due to the Covid-19 virus. These funds benefited:

House of Hope – To feed the hungry
Safe Space – To provide shelter for victims of abuse
Dunbar Elementary Learning Center – To feed the families of Banner Lake
Caring Children Clothing Children – To clothe under-privileged children of Martin Country schools
The Refuge Ranch – To Feed their residents

Following is the COVID-19 MARINER Honor Roll list of donors.

Honor Roll – June 1st

Mariner Sands Chapel Ecumenical Benevolence Committee (EBC) is comprised of resident volunteers of the Protestant and Catholic communities who provide financial aid to smaller, well managed Christian charities in Martin County, where smaller grants make a measurable difference. These charities are helping people in need of food, shelter, clothing, education, rehabilitation and health care.

EBC provides aid to charities SEPARATE from the charities supported each year during Charity week. Collaboratively,  Charity Week and the Benevolence committee are committed to improving the lives of those less fortunate, one life at a time. The Committee aims to provide $25,000-$50,000 each year to charities like those listed below.  Our ministry is generously supported by the entire Mariner Sands community.

Our goal is to reach out and support charities that are helping people in need of Food,  Shelter,  Clothing, Education,  Rehabilitation and Health Care. 

We have provided funds for the following charities:

CARING CHILDREN/CLOTHING CHILDREN (4C’s) – —clothing and literacy help for children of low income families.
CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CARE CENTER – East Stuart dental clinic providing inexpensive (and sometimes free) care to anyone (<200% of poverty level).
DUNBAR EARLY LEARNING CENTER – provides education and child care to the children of low income families.
MARY’S HOUSE (formerly Mary’s Shelter) – A residence for homeless pregnant women.
REFUGE RANCH – a residential Christian drug and alcohol regeneration program for women.
WHITE DOVE APPEAL – Providing clothing and toys for House of Hope for 25 years.
FUN FRIDAY—IN REACH within Mariner Sands– The Chapel hosts residents dealing with loneliness and/or health issues for several hours of games and camaraderie providing socialization, plus a break for caregivers.




Mariner Sands Chapel celebrated the 25th anniversary of supporting House of Hope’s White Dove program. A record number of 93 needy children will receive new bikes, clothing, shoes and toys thanks to the generosity of Mariner Sands.

White Dove Christmas 2019

White Dove Christmas 2019

White Dove Committee. Kneeling: CoChair Judith Carlson, Carol Whitney, CoChair Wilma Myers, Pam Timony, Standing: Sue Bender, Rev. Gary Carr.


Shawl Ministry meets year-round to knit and crochet shawls, lap robes, baby blankets, newborn hats and sweaters, warm clothing for children in need, and hats and scarves for the military.  Over 500 items are completed each year, and they are delivered to local charities including Hospice, Christ Child Society, Hibiscus House, Safe Space, St. Vincent de Paul and local nursing homes.  Red-white-blue blankets are made for our veterans, and special items are made for active duty military personnel.  Warm winter hats and scarves are sent to Native Americans in South Dakota and to needy children in Appalachia.  Please join us at the chapel on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.  Please contact the office (772) 288-5194  for further information.

Fun Friday

Each Friday in season from 10:00am till 1:00pm the Chapel host Mariner Sands Residents in the conference room who are home-bound and find it difficult to leave our premises. Activities include card games, bingo, and light exercises. This provides wonderful socialization as well as a break for caregivers.

Pastoral Care

This committee provides assistance to Mariner Sands Residents who need a hospital or home visit, as well as assistance with shopping and meals.

For more information contact the Chapel Office:

Office Hours: Mon.-Fri.9am – Noon (Oct-May)

Chapel Phone: 772-288-5194


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