Video 1 – Pastor Dr. Gary Carr Welcome to Mariner Sands Chapel

Video 2 – Mariner Sands Chapel Building History explained by Pastor Dr. Carr. This video explains the meaning of the building architecture and structure. The Chapel was built in the early 1980’s in Stuart, FL.

Video 3 – Pastor Dr. Gary Carr speaks in his study. He let’s the community know this is where they can reach out to him confidentially at Mariner Sands Chapel in Stuart, FL.

Introduction from the Minister of the Chapel:

On February 11th, the chapel was delighted to welcome Dr. Michael Romano, speaking on the topic of wellness for our Mariner Sands residents. The importance of diet, exercise, social connections, and reducing stress in our daily lives was the primary take away for our guests. The slide presentation from Dr. Romano contained many interesting points. We have provided a link to the presentation slides to help you review what you heard and what may have been missed. We hope to invite more speakers on topics of mutual importance to the Mariner Sands Chapel. Thank you for being a vibrant part of our faith community. Be well! Gary Carr-


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Wednesday March 25th Devotional – Click center of picture to Play