Soup Ministry

A bowl of soup and a prayer can nourish our body and lift our spirits when we're not feeling our best. As part of the Chapel's mission of “Serving Others,” the Ecumenical Benevolence Committee supports a program to provide chicken soup to homebound residents. With a simple request, a 16 ounce container of soup along with a prayer and a message of healing and caring from Pastor Gary Carr will be delivered to the recipient's door step by one of our Care Committee volunteers.  If you know of anyone in need, please follow the directions on the request form. Soup request forms are also available at the Chapel next to the library door.

Judy Tucker



You are receiving this batch of chicken soup to reduce the tension of the day and put your life momentarily at ease. Today you are on our mind and in our hearts. We care about you. As a young boy, I remember my Mom making chicken soup when one of us was sick. It was comfort food. But more than that, it was a refined tradition that someone was caring for us. And that is what we are doing today. Volunteers have come together at the Chapel to reach out to you and your neighbors, demonstrating our commitment to building a community where nobody’s perfect but everyone is loved. There are no strings attached, no hidden agenda, but there’s about two thousand years of history in this soup. We are saying as simply and compassionately as we can; we feel God’s love and hope it soothes your heart too. Our hope and prayer is that you’ll be feeling better very soon. Warmly, Rev. Gary Carr