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A Heartfelt Greeting

We are delighted that you have made the effort to learn more about us.

Mariner Sands is one of the few residential clubs in Florida to feature an ecumenical community church right on campus. With dynamic Protestant and Catholic congregations, the Chapel’s mission is to welcome everyone, serve others and build community. It is a vital part of community and spiritual life at Mariner Sands.

The Chapel offers Protestant and Catholic worship services, a community library, art classes, and many educational events and concerts. It also offers its services for weddings, renewals of vows and baptisms.

The Chapel is a center for personal growth and service. Members have many roles at the church and they volunteer at area charities providing educational and health services, clothing, meals and counseling.

Pastor Gary Carr is chaplain to everyone in our community. Pastoral care and visitation services are provided and a Memorial Garden is available to all residents and their families.

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